Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I am currently in the 8th year of my teaching career and I love it more every year (I'll tell you more about why later). Still, it is not without challenges. Many of the trials teachers face show themselves in elements they just don't have control over. 

I was reminded of this recently when a friend posted the above picture on Facebook. The picture itself is great. It shows one of her student's very successful tests: he got an A. The sad part came in the written part of her post. Here is what she said.

"He worked so hard to get an A on our test, then tossed it in the trash. When I asked why he replied his parents don't care. So sad!! I told him I cared and that I was proud he's improving and becoming more dedicated to his education. #breaksmyheart." 

This story breaks my heart too. 

I don't know what is going on in this students home's (there are always two sides to every story), but it hurts to think any child might think their parent/s don't care. 

I guess I wanted to share this as a reminder to all the teachers I know that they can make a difference in the lives of their students. 

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  1. All too often, there are parents who don't care. They don't want their child to get educated because they're afraid, or because they don't want their child to succeed. They're afraid their kids will get educated, get a job, move out, and leave them all alone. They cling to their children like life preservers rather than wanting the best for their kids. I can't understand that mentality.

    But as a teacher, I can encourage that student. I can't make up for a parent's love, but I can show that someone out there DOES care. That the student isn't alone. Sometimes that's all a kid needs to hear.