Saturday, September 13, 2014

Story Time

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A few years ago I began the creeping journey that was my entrance into the world of writing. I took a few creative writing classes, organized a critique group, and started going to readings. I even went so far as to enroll in an MFA program.  (Go Coyotes!) 

Immediately, and repeatedly, the importance of author platform was pressed upon me by basically everyone. I am, however, too contrary by nature to listen when so many people give me the same piece of advice. 

So, instead of starting a blog, or signing up for Twitter, I spent the next few years developing my craft and attempting to survive grad school while teaching. Not a bad decision all things considered. At that time in my life I was too new to the field and too busy to add to the endless list of tasks I needed to complete. 

It wasn't until recently, that I decided the time to tackle the obstacle that is the author platform had finally arrived. Unfortunately, this understanding came with the realization that I have absolutely no idea how to create an author platform. 

Two things helped pushed me past the nervousness of beginning. Make that three. 

The first bit of encouragement appeared in August when I attended SCBWI's Annual Summer Conference in LA. For those who don't know, SCBWI stands for "Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators." During the conference I sat in on a presentation about social media by Greg Pincus. My biggest take away from this was that calming fact that I do not have to be a social media expert to have an author platform. He also assured me (and the rest of the audience, but who cares about them) that I should not be overwhelmed with the process, but that I should make it fun. So, here’s to having fun.

The second piece of encouragement is due to the support of my writing group. As I sit here writing this first post, I am surrounded, literally, by three fellow writers. We decided to have an Author Platform Potluck Party, and we’ve spent the last few hours working and motivating each other. Thank you ladies. Cheers to all of the hard work.

The third bit of encouragement came from a blog by Joe Bunting that I just finished reading. The information he provided in a post titled “What Fiction Author’s Really Need To Know About Their Platform,” has helped me focus my goals for the blog. In his post, Joe offered this definition: “your platform is the authority, trust, and attention given to you from a group of people.” He also very firmly suggested that writers need to “share” their stories. 

So, that is my goal, to share my stories with you. Stories about what I have experienced as a writer, a teacher, and a child of God. Stories about the artists and educators I have met and the lessons they have taught me. 
Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share some of my creative work with you, but mostly I will share the “stories” that have made me who I am. 

So, welcome to the blog. Happy reading.

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! I look forward to what you have to share with us. =D